The Non-Event

Here, at the keyboard, sitting, am in a 25 year relationship with a fine man. Have listened to his stories of coming out, have read so many that cannot count. For me, it was a non-event.

Can’t say ever came out, period. Have just been me. Made no fuss about liking this person or that, the sex of the person did not matter, the person themselves mattered. Sometimes there was sex, sometimes there wasn’t.

Starting High School at 3 feet 11 inches, with severe asthma, made me to small to be picked on. The medication that was on…

Some thoughts about the Creator

Whether “Let there be Light” or the Big Bang, or who knows what, the result is the same, the current Universe, and us in it. Science is very good at telling us what happens from the Big Bang forward, with no real explanation for what went Bang, big or small. How did it get there, where did it come from?

Have read a number of variations of what might have happened, another universe sprung us, or maybe we were a leak from one. We are part of a multi-verse, this is a hologram, and on…

So Full

Katherine, my grand-niece sat across from me at Thanksgiving, a curious surprise. Being somewhat curmudgeonly, in the social secured set, and Katherine more progressive, it was not the choice that was expecting of her. She obviously had something to say to me, and being mannerly, would hear her out, but not necessarily respond to her as expected.

Shortly after salad, to much dressing, but nice, Katherine spoke up.

“Now that Trump lost his re-election, do you think the evangelicals who supported him, regret their choice? Is this God’s rebuke to them?”

College definitely shaped and improved her speech…


The first house that can remember living in, was six blocks from the city zoo and seven blocks from the ocean, in San Francisco. Almost all the houses in the outer, (nearest the beach), sunset district, were built on sand dunes. Some had their back yards filled with dirt and others didn’t.

The lots were twenty five feet wide and 120 deep. There was a small drive way and some very small patches of lawn, then the house, and about 50 or 60 feet of back yard. …

The First Time I Had Sex

Being an old man, these days, it was a good while ago. As you can easily image was a lot smaller and younger. There wasn’t much to me then, but that tends to true of most of the really young.

So was just there, sort of floating along, would image what it was feeling like, don’t really remember much, some say they do, but not me at that age.

Then out of nowhere was having sex. Hadn’t had it before, don’t recall at all what it felt like, but guess that is just how things are when you are only 6–8 weeks post conception. ;)

A Shadowfax Adventure

Back in the day, had a yellow Ford LTD, vintage 1970, named Shadowfax. The car was big, luxurious, and above all, the radio was by the steering wheel, right next to the driver’s window, no one messed with what was on it, but me. She proved magical, this is but one of her stories.

During one college spring break, my most recent boyfriend, now just friend, had decided to introduce me to a lady in Denver, named Joy. …

David’s Dream

He wasn’t a dream, that was the problem. One couldn’t wake up and have him only to remember, no longer near. We first met, by me answering a door, at 409 House, in the Haight-Ashbury. The blue sky framed him, and all that was possible for me to do was just sand there looking astonished, had never seen some one so beautiful before, or for that matter, since. …

Remembering Elizabeth

Met Elizabeth the first or second day of being in my new convalescent hospital, heavy on the word hospital. Was ten and a half, just about exactly, while she was twelve. We were both newbies, me coming there from the West Coast, she from Georgia, we met in Denver.

Had just finished a year and a half at another convalescent hospital in the South San Francisco Bay Area. Had come home, and was over the moon, elated is an understatement. to be home again, finally for good. No longer just seeing my parents, and siblings, both older than…

Love’s MidSummer’s Feast

Permit.. me.. totell. youa. story. Almost half a life my life ago, my friend, my partner, my love(with apologies to Romeo) died. Our time had been more than some, much less than others.

Had always found it easy to at least like people, often love, this was my first case of not just loving someone, but being in love with person as well, warts and all. It changed me in ways that were totally unexpected, amd unprepared for.

Due to my study of metaphysics and Buddhism, was well acquainted with the fact, at least to me, that…

Israel’s Ancient Idolatry

An evening’s discussion with Mr. Nathan Phanai and his questioner Dr. David Khan, brought to you by New Salem University with Dr. Aaron Cohn, as the moderator.

The old man slowly strode out onto the stage. He stopped, initially to look towards the audience. It was still early, yet people were coming in, looking around, looking for their seats, taking their seats, a normal nights opening, at least so far, what a nice relief. No sign of placards, or people bent on interrupting, interrupting, what a nice, polite, way to phrase it. He had heard the yelling…

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