This morning, like a number of others, I awoke with a start, or surprise, at being awake. A dream had changed by way of thinking, or maybe just as looking at the world.

How it all began is lost in the dream. What is remembered is having a conver-sation with another being. According to one line of psychological thought, that being would also be me. Was expounding, as am wont to do, on my phil-osophical or spiritual thoughts. when out of nowhere, my converser, asked “Is that an original thought?” It stopped me for a moment, while I thought about it, and then replied, “it is my present synthesis. Are there any new original thoughts to be had?” I questioned back. Dream sequence changes.

Am now on a summer porch, atrium, sun room. With a group of people. There are intimations of plants, chairs, pedestals, with things on them, but nothing is particularly clear, there are a number of people, but my sights settle on a group of three women, ladies, who are sitting, perhaps on a bench, maybe chairs, it is uncertain, and not a focus of the dream. They are white, with white blouses, closed at the top, like a Victorian lady, or maybe a 1920’s southern woman, of a certain class. No awareness of skirts. Their hair is blond to light brown, piled high on their heads, and tracing just below their ears in front. A not unattractive sight. they are set, stage center left, perhaps they are the Graces.

Going to stage center, mid back, right, there is a chair, perhaps wicker, in which a black man is relaxing, wearing clean white pants, long sleeved white shirt, open near the neck, and a tan, or beige vest. His hair is cut short. His face is definitely attractive, but no beauty. He alone speaks: “There are only two things that are wrong, stole, and height.”.

The word height hits me in a way it might not you, see am as tall as the average 12 year old boy, but have more than a few years added on. Speak it does. My mind, thoughts, work on it, hard, fast, and what seems, thoroughly, at least to me.

Stole is easy, to murder is to steal a life, to commit adultery is to steal a wife, though now other words can be put in that space instead, to lie about some one is to steal their good name, to covet what they have is to steal away your pride, to steal speaks for itself.

Height took a bit. Yet quickly came to the mistake a lot of people make in the relationships with others, namely, that we are not equal, and are unlikely to becomes so. Yes, there will always be those who are better at, and you can fill in that blank(s) with anything(s) you want. When one teaches, it allows you to bring things back to an equal balance. Back to honoring one’s father and mother, one’s first teacher.

Teaching one how to tie one’s shoes, wipe one’s ass, dress, perhaps numbers, perhaps the alphabet, perhaps much, much, more. Anyone who teaches you, or you teach, is moving towards making any height or ability difference in you or them, to be nil. Moving nearer to where we can all meet as equals. Finally being able to meet as equals, on the level.

Refusing to do so, is to create Hells, for people to go through, because they can not rise,or raise up others. It is what we create when me make ourselves greater than we are, or worse, others feel inferior.

Is this an original thought? Or just a reworking of what is already available to the mind?

Anyway, Good Morning t all, and to all a good day!

San Francisco native, lived mostly in the Bay Area, spent time being a hippie, a real estate broker, residence hotel manager, living in the country, life is goo

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