Cannot remember the number of times that used cocaine, but it was not a lot. Having been a needed user of vasodilators, for severe asthma, it never did much for me. Weed, hash, psychedelics, opium, worked better, and sometimes just the person was more than enough.

Met a number of neat people though, my favorite was a new found friend in Malibu. He had a wonderful house, and in each room, bathrooms too, he had little Leslie Salt Shakers. He had taken the tops off, and soldered a small coke spoon to the top. Emptied the salt out, and replaced it with coke. That was for house use, and a bribe, as it were, to leave his stash alone. Never used any there, but the time was good.

Regret none of it, neither is it missed, but what a time it was. Thanks for reviving the memories.

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