One of the best overviews of the Tarot that have read. Began working with just regular cards in high school. That was the result of a bet, in study hall, things might have been more lax back then. My friend and myself had gotten into a debate about fortune telling. We were playing some card game, that no longer remember. With tremendous confidence, said if one person can do it, anyone could. Took the deck, the previous game was already done, and said what his summer vacation would be like, it being the last week of school.

Come the next school year, it had long been gone from my mind, and we met again. He told me that my reading had been right. My reply was, what reading. Which sort of amazed me, and gave me pause. That would have been probably 1965.

Four years later, met my first hippie, who introduced me to hallucinogenics and the Tarot. Can remember the wonder that there was another form of deck. Regular cards had proved all to informative as it was. Dived in, for that it was worth, got an early copy, 1969, published version of the Book of Thoth and did not look back.

Three years later, when my post graduate dreams died, of my own volition, that is another story, had already been learning astrology, for a year. So set off, and for the next five years traveled around the country, earning my living, by doing what was called by me cards and stars, tarot and astrology, professionally. Two weeks room and board, plus a movie or a concert, per chart, also did progressed ones. Almost anyone who wants a chart is involved with someone, who will also want one, which gave me a four week, sometimes longer stay.

Travel took me to many places and it was a wonderful ride, till economics and life choices led me back to education, and my present situation, via many a twist and turn.

During my card reading, both professional and apprenticeship period, Crowley was my main stay, read through a number of his books, and still have quite a large library of his works. The man was a master, at least as of this date, beyond compare.

San Francisco native, lived mostly in the Bay Area, spent time being a hippie, a real estate broker, residence hotel manager, living in the country, life is goo

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