Really liked the view of Dean that you wrote. It seems very fair and true.

Only one minor bone to pick with you, and that was and is Bush v. Gore.

That gets a lot of bad press, unfairly in my view. Bush won Florida by 5,000+ votes, not 500+ votes. What allows for me to say that is that the Presidency is a Federal Election, not a state one. Were it a state election, to a state office, the Florida Supreme Court would have been correct in their views. Since it was and will always be a Federal Election, the Supreme Court’s views are what hold.

What the Supreme Court did, was uphold Federal Election Law. That law states quite clearly, that all the regulations and laws for counting ballots, must be in place before the election. That was not the case with Florida in 2000.

The local county and city boards were deciding on hanging chads, and other means of deciphering a person’s vote, which in and of itself is not a bad thing, but it changes the way the votes are to be counted. If that were allowed to remain, the vote counters and not the voters themselves would determine the winner. Hence Bush’s victory, whether one approves of it or not, the voters and the not the vote counters should decide.

San Francisco native, lived mostly in the Bay Area, spent time being a hippie, a real estate broker, residence hotel manager, living in the country, life is goo

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