So Full

Katherine, my grand-niece sat across from me at Thanksgiving, a curious surprise. Being somewhat curmudgeonly, in the social secured set, and Katherine more progressive, it was not the choice that was expecting of her. She obviously had something to say to me, and being mannerly, would hear her out, but not necessarily respond to her as expected.

Shortly after salad, to much dressing, but nice, Katherine spoke up.

“Now that Trump lost his re-election, do you think the evangelicals who supported him, regret their choice? Is this God’s rebuke to them?”

College definitely shaped and improved her speech, and it is a pleasure to hear her articulate clearly her viewpoint, even if it is not quite mine.

“It all depends upon what one thinks about God. While am a sincere believer, have known for awhile that you reject such faith, and that is totally except able view. Am with you in discarding the cartoon of God, that lives in Heaven on maybe cloud 9, with an eternal glow, dressed in modified togas, white, with long shaggy hair. Whatever that is, that is not God.”

“As to whether it is a rebuke, it could well be a pestilence on those who found his policies worse than he. We have had four years of no more wars, and a draw down of our troops home, that is applaudable, compared to Trump, who is deplorable. Thank you for accepting my long answers, now have a couple of questions for you.”

“Do you believe in God? No?! Then are you willing to sell me your soul.”

That got the reaction that was more or less expecting. Katherine looked like she had been hit across the face with a hot iron. Somewhat stupefied. This was not a new line of questioning for me. Having spent my twenties studying God, astrology, the Tarot, and Aliester Crowley, thinking in such uncommon terms comes to me sometimes, and is used just to see the results.

Waited about maybe 30 seconds, while Katherine didn’t know quite what to say. At this point our neighbors at the table had turned their attention towards us, and those further away were curious as to what was happening.

“The problem with no God, for me, is then what do you do with evil. Does the Devil still exist in your theology? “‘There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.’ to quote Shakespeare.” If one acts on that murder can be a good thing. It certainly is in a number of Asian and African countries at the moment, where power is being sought or to held on to.”

“What mostly happens when asked the question of selling a soul is people halt, then look at me quite oddly, as if am trying to trick them out of something. The Soul seems to be something even atheists have and accept, you need to think of where such an idea comes from, does it have any validity, and then, if you will visit me, and we talk about my version of God.”

It was time to move on so turning to my left, looked over at Gerald, and said: Gerald would you please pass the wine.” The dinner went on, and Katherine’s company was wonderful, for the remaining of our visit together, do so look forward to a possible visit. It would be soul full.

San Francisco native, lived mostly in the Bay Area, spent time being a hippie, a real estate broker, residence hotel manager, living in the country, life is goo