Some thoughts about the Creator

Whether “Let there be Light” or the Big Bang, or who knows what, the result is the same, the current Universe, and us in it. Science is very good at telling us what happens from the Big Bang forward, with no real explanation for what went Bang, big or small. How did it get there, where did it come from?

Have read a number of variations of what might have happened, another universe sprung us, or maybe we were a leak from one. We are part of a multi-verse, this is a hologram, and on it goes. Feel free to list your favorites in the comments, if have missed them. The problem for me, is that even if another universe sprang us into existence, where did it come from? Multiverse and hologram have the same basic flaw, how did they get here?

Theorizing with no way to test seems a dead end, to me. Which leads be back to Newton, and his theorem, that Energy can neither be created nor destroyed, but it can be transformed, into another form, of energy. This at least works for me to explain how the various entities, forms, energies of the Universe got here, from a single source, perhaps a Creator, if you like. It still doesn’t provide a beginning, but does a provide a continual change of scene.

Einstein’s E=mc squared, allows for all forms, energies, and a continual parade of possible forms. Which gets me to a sort of unified field theory of oneness, in which, we are not separate and a part, alone, but united and a part of a whole. What the Buddhists call interrelatedness.

We don’t have a lot to go on to explain consciousness, but like thinking of it as a signal that permeates the Universe, being there to both send and receive. At least in the animal kingdom it seems to be based on amplitude magnification. Meaning the more nerves, the more likely a brain will develop. The larger the brain, the more likely there is a conscious entity. All based on more and more nerves, which serve to amplify the signal of consciousness, instead of embedding it into instinct.

Prefer thinking of the Creator, as IT, since IT does not have an obvious gender or sex. According to religion 101, God created man, woman, asexuals, hermaphrodites, and those who grow to and past the age of puberty, but do not sexually mature, as well as those who can change sex, when the need arises(tropical fish for some), am sure there are others that have not quite come to mind as well. So prefer to think of the Creator as an IT, capitalized, doesn’t quite sound right to my ear, but makes more sense than most other terms have, to me.

The Creator is by nature, existence, energy, the signal of consciousness and the conscious signal of existence. This goes back to Genesis chapter 32(?), where God says: “He created man in his own image, in His own image, He created him, male and female both.” It is also why the Third Commandment says make no Graven Images, a different word in Hebrew, than image in Genesis. No use trying to imagine the Creator, if one could, one could imagine a world, a Universe, and so much more. Much as we might like to do so, we have a way to go, then a again, the journey is the goal, so like it or not, we are on our way.

If my playing around with these ideas produces a oneness or a unity, then that at least harmonized with the Second Commandment, that there are NO other gods before the Creator, or after, for that matter. If energy is all there is, that is just being formed, reformed, transformed, and on it goes, then only one entity makes sense, and consciousness as IT’s signal of IT’s existence and those who can receive it, can at least follow logically.

That leaves me with the First Commandment to work out. So bear with me, probably a koala. I, (the Creator), Am, (self-existent), the Lord, your God, (again the Creator in a more authoritative voice), who took you out of the House of Bondage. This is where it took me a while to resolve things. What the heck is the House of Bondage. So went back a word or two, and came to “took you out of”. Jumped to lead out, granted a reach, but not that far, and got to lead.

In Latin, lead is duco, just as Mussolini was Il Duce, the Leader. You add an e in front and it means to lead out, educo. Modernize it to English and add a sense of action, to that, and you get the action of leading one out from, which is called education, making the House of Bondage actually the House of Ignorance. The Creator is thus a teacher, who is always looking for a student. As the legend seems to state, the pupil may be looking for a teacher, but the teacher is looking even harder for a pupil.

This exposition is why it is my thought that there are only Seven Commandments, the first three are just a description of our Creator. At least the nearest we can get to one, being finite individuals, even if we are part of a whole. These are just some of my current thoughts, open to others and they are usually subject to change, or at least further elaboration.

San Francisco native, lived mostly in the Bay Area, spent time being a hippie, a real estate broker, residence hotel manager, living in the country, life is goo