The question for a representative in representative government is do the voters want the representative to be a mouthpiece for the people, or do they want the representative to use his best judgment when voting. Burke believed it was that they elected him to use his best judgment, he was proved wrong in that, but not in his judgment.

Burke's view of social progress was perhaps first and foremost do not upset the apple cart just for the sake of change. What the people believed in, had merit. It had stood the test of centuries, and regardless as to what their "betters" might think, it worked for them. To disrupt this, for an idea, or ideal, was tantamount to purposefully disrupting their lives, with no better one offered, except in theory. That was a choice not worth entering into. Social progress would happen, just at a rate that was more conducive to the whole of society, than parts seeking radical change.

He trusted the people, an amazing idea even today. It was not for a more humane imperialism, but a more humane government that he sought. The rush for the pound, the buck today, was as great, and as terrible for all who stood in the way back then as it is now.

In the case of America, he saw no revolution, rather he saw a restoration of what had been an Englishman's right, since Magna Carta, being sought in America, The removal of the king had no overall change in society in America. The colonies, now states, still had their governors and legislatures, the people still voted, only the national or Federal level was limited as to what it could do to the people. An idea that almost every administration has regretted since, the only difference being the amount of regret.

France was a total overthrow of the existing order. Was mass murder really needed? Does the body count somehow make the changes more meaningful, or just allow for more dreadful suppression of the people in the first place.

Britain had problems, but it was not a dictatorship. Napoleon for all he did, just about eliminated newspapers in Paris, and probably elsewhere, compared to what was extent in 1797.

Seriously read Burke's "Reflections on the French Revolution". it should give you a very different view.

San Francisco native, lived mostly in the Bay Area, spent time being a hippie, a real estate broker, residence hotel manager, living in the country, life is goo

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