We agree on the infantilism of expecting things to happen quickly, simply because in a digital world, some things can. We still remain analog creatures. Thought, serious thought, cannot be rushed. What a lot of progressives are pushing is non-serious thought or projects to remove this or that, that has been intrinsic to human nature for over 5,000 years. Unless you are in the camp that supports re-education centers, previously known as concentration camps, like the Uighurs, you understand the folly of this.

Getting rid of the present Oligarchy, what you prefer to call the Plutocracy, is well within our abilities. We have done it before, and it needs to be done again. That does not call for radical changes elsewhere, especially in family organization, school teachings, freedom of thought, or freedom of speech, all of which seem to be on the chopping block, more or less, by the present progressives. Is it any wonder Trump was preferred as the alternative. Preferred in an election that for the first time in more than a century, the majority of America voted, as if their future depended on, for those who believe in traditional values, but are willing to live and let live, it does, to progressives, there is no live and let live, it is only obey or be punished.

The Democrat Party sold out the working class as far back as McGovern in 1972. They looked to the future and saw white collar educated voters as the future, and left their past behind. Clinton was instrumental in getting the Democrats to support Wall Street, he showed how the money could be gotten, and never looked back at the working class, neither did the party. This has led to such a strong disassociation between working class heritage and actual progressive politics, that it transformed the Republican Party, granted via Trump, but it is a changed party, and one with a vision, that has the working class as its base, if the last election is anything to go by, it also has native Americans, and Pacific Islanders, nearly one third of LGBT+, and at least 20% or more black men. That is a coalition that has room to grow. The progressives have no use for the working class, unless they are union, and working in the correct fields, they have no pity for the 8–11 thousand laid off workers of the Keystone Pipeline Project. Progressives are the best answer to what an American Commissar would look and act like.

As for Democrats loving to compromise, tell that to Obama, Reid, Pelosi, and other Democrat leaders in Congress in the past decade. They have been the most strident obstructionists to any progress that was not approved 100% by them. Including wrecking the Senate judicial filibuster, and Executive nominations. It is best to remember that the only governments that are efficient are dictatorships, are you sure that is what you want. Granted McConnell killed things, but rarely ran over the Democrats, just because he could. That wasn’t needed by him, nor did he consider that good politics, even where the base was concerned.

We are also in agreement on China, the covid vaccine of theirs, which is bare plus of 50% effective, will hurt them, as they send it out, in hopes of a political coup. They do not promote creativity, that takes freedom of thought, and begins with freedom of speech, for others to be aware of it, in the first place. Something the Progressive’s seem to be doing everything in their power to stomp out, at that which they disagree with.

Clinton stood for having power, am not sure of much more. Was never sure if Obama was a Devil’s Advocate or not. Biden is some one who actually believes in law and order, based on his Senate record. That may be a problem. Sanders’ does indeed believe in something, but it is antithetical to the working class, no matter how well meaning he is. They recognize it. The object to achieve is how to break up the current Oligarchy, while keeping the benefits it has brought about. Answer that, and the future of America is yours.

San Francisco native, lived mostly in the Bay Area, spent time being a hippie, a real estate broker, residence hotel manager, living in the country, life is goo

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