What you forget about the Senate is that when the people, especially the people in their states, demand action on a given piece of legislation, they vote for it. The Clean Air and the Clean Water Acts are clear examples of. The more recent demands for the Pandemic Relief bills also pushed the Senate in directions it might not otherwise have gone. Giving the majority their way, is no different than giving into the mob. The Senate is supposed to act as a brake, rework the forming bills on this or that, or just disappear them, till there is greater support, than a party majority. This establishes a basic holding pattern, also known as stability. It is open to change but only when pushed.

Maybe am more generous to my fellow Americans. Spent a few years hitching around, being picked up by truckers, soccer moms, hippies, good old boys, and even the police twice, though taken to a better ramp for hitching, and a man in a tux once. Have found people all over this country, basically good, tolerant, and helpful. Your experience may differ. As to “Stop the Steal”, have yet to see a case, Pennsylvania exempted, there they disobeyed their State Constitution, to set up a manner of voting, claiming the Pandemic as an excuse, in which case, the votes should have been tossed out, as we have no idea of how the people would have voted in the legal manner, or for who. Trump would not, or should not benefit from that, it would still leave Biden with the Presidency, so no change, but following a written Constitution matters more than just have a governor, secretary of state, and party plaintiff, all of the same party changing the rules.

Trump is an oligarch or would be one, he favors anything that favors him. As for being an asset, Biden, via his son, may be in the same role, just with China. As my Dad used to say, :Money doesn’t talk, it screams.”

Finally, sorry for the delay, was out of town, and no internet, it was nice.

Be Well and enjoy, this back and forth has been enjoyable for me, it is hoped it has for you as well.

San Francisco native, lived mostly in the Bay Area, spent time being a hippie, a real estate broker, residence hotel manager, living in the country, life is goo

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